Philosophy Chunk #8

Here is some more stuff to read:

Here is some piece by Massimo Pigliucci about mathematical platonism, a position that never made sense to me. I just downloaded the paper by Carlo Rovelli.

One more on mathematical Platonism

There is a new website that provides a feed of articles published in philosophical journals. It is called The Philosophy Paperboy.

The Philosophy Paperboy

Ever head of Roger Penrose? He has some crazy theories about consciousness. But he seems to be an interesting person, at least in interviews.

Roger Penrose On Why Consciousness Does Not Compute

Have fun!

Some reading suggestions #1

The Atlantic has a good article about how consciousness could have evolved. The article is about the Attention Schema Theory. This theory tries to explain how we can explains consciousness evolutionary. Good news for all naturalists, bad news for all who say we could never explain consciousness. Find the article here

David Chalmers published some norms for a respectful, constructive and inclusive philosophical debate. Check them out here. Reminds me a bit of Bertrand Russells “Liberal Decalogue” about which you can find some infos here.

Neil Sinhababu analyzed that there are 10.000 philosophical articles, but only 2.000 get accepted by journals. I think that is a general problem of academics today. You want to publish your stuff, but either you wait until a well known journal accepts it or you publish it otherwise but then you don’t get the reputation for your future tenure track. See more here.