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Philosophy Chunk #8

Here is some more stuff to read:

Here is some piece by Massimo Pigliucci about mathematical platonism, a position that never made sense to me. I just downloaded the paper by Carlo Rovelli.

One more on mathematical Platonism

There is a new website that provides a feed of articles published in philosophical journals. It is called The Philosophy Paperboy.

The Philosophy Paperboy

Ever head of Roger Penrose? He has some crazy theories about consciousness. But he seems to be an interesting person, at least in interviews.

Roger Penrose On Why Consciousness Does Not Compute

Have fun!

Philosophy Chunks #5

Actually, I want to write more on this blog. But for now there are just some more reading suggestions.

A long but very interesting interview with Martha Nussbaum. Fascinating woman.

On Anger, Disgust, and Love

Another great interview with a great philosopher. Daniel Dennett on his new book and Trump and stuff.

Daniel Dennett: ‘I begrudge every hour I have to spend worrying about politics’

A little bit older but a great read. And a reason why not to show overconfidence in science.


Philosophy Chunks #4

Here is some crazy philosophy and science stuff for you to read, yeah:

If you want to know what it is all about that Westworld is so philosophical and stuff, check out this article about the philosophical ideas in the series:

Westworld and the Meaning of Life

There is a saying that we are actually all made of starstuff. You know the Big Bang and stuff. Jennifer Johnson now has made a periodic table that shows where all the stuff in the universe comes from.

This awesome periodic table shows the origins of every atom in your body

If you are interested in logic and where it comes from, this is for you. Kant thought the logic he knew and learned from Aristotle is all there is to know. But actually logic has a significant history of changes nowadays.

What is logic?

There is a debate if serious science can do without evidence. Mostly, because there are some physicists who say that there is no evidence for String Theory to have and that is not a problem for physics. Here is a debate between Massimo Pigliucci, Tara Shears and Rupert Sheldrake.

Missing Evidence – Does physics still need experiment?

By the way, Sheldrake is complaining about, that researchers who do investigate telepathy do not get any funding anymore. Maybe that is not because the scientific community is dogmatic and ignorant about the subject, but because research that was done in that field was showing that telepathy is not a thing?! Just guessing so…

Philosophy Chunks #2

We are about to round up the year 2016. Oxford University Press just published a timeline with all the big philosophy events this year.

OUP philosophy 2016 timeline

The often discussed paper of Nick Bostrom “Are you living in a computer simulation?” has now its own website:

Are You Living in a Computer Simulation?

Pretty interesting article in the New York Times about the development of AI at Google and co. Shit becomes real.

The Great A.I. Awakening

Everybody knows the liar paradox or Russell’s Paradox but do you know the Incompatible Food Triad problem?

The Incompatible Food Triad Is The Most Delicious Philosophical Problem Of Our Time

Philosophy chunks #1

Here we have one of these debates over the worth of philosophy. Lawrence Krauss argues that philosophical questions have no impact on physics whatsoever. That depends on what you understand as physics. Collecting data and constructing theories may not be influenced by philosophy but I think the interpreting of this data is. Angie Hobbs says that science is discussing beings (with a small b) and philosophy is discussing Being (with a capital B) and I think such talk is responsible for scientists not taking philosophy serious. On the other side, Mary Midgley is point on when she says, that connecting different ways of thinking is one job for philosophy and  that Krauss’ metaphilosophical theses are still philosophical.

Philosophy bites back

Many people interested in philosophy know Existential Comics. They are hilarious but also promoting philosophy. Here is an interview with the man behind the scenes Corey Mohler:

Existential Comics: Interview with Corey Mohler

Ray Monk writing about the very interesting Frank Ramsey:

‘One of the Great Intellects of His Time’


Created the Everyday Philosophy Youtube Channel!

It was never easier to see some lectures from your favourite philosopher than in the time of Youtube. But the videos are scattered and often it is hard to find what you are searching for. Therefore, I created the Everyday Philosophy Channel. It is a collection of German and English Youtube channels and playlists. All around philosophy, and not only academic philosophy.

Feel free to follow Everyday Philosophy also on Facebook. Here are the links:



Have fun with all the philosophy that is out there.

P.S. If you have any great links to philosophical content on Youtube that I have not listed feel free to send them to me.

Just something to read!

America has done it. They really voted trump. Now it is time for some thinking. Noam Chomsky, as always, is on the forefront. He says, the republican party is one of the most dangerous organizations on the globe, especially as they deny climate change.

Trump in the White House: An Interview With Noam Chomsky

Massimo Pigliucci answer to some articles that ask, again, what philosophy is good for, is, as always, great and I have to totally agree.

The never ending discussion: what’s philosophy good for?

I am following Rani Lill Anjum for quite some time now on twitter. As I am getting more concered with causality myself, it seems demanded to take a closer look at her work. Here is some example:

Causation in Scientific Methods | Rani Lill Anjum