Christmas Philosopyh Chunks #3

As a philosopher it is always hard to make people understand what this business is all about. Why are we doing philosophy? What is it good for? If you can at least convince someone that it is not a total waste of time, it is hard to suggest a reading that is understandable and introduces into philosophy the right way. Here are some tips for first readings by Patrick Stokes:

Where to start reading philosophy?

Steven Weinberg has put together some of his favorite science books for the general reader:

Steven Weinberg: the 13 best science books for the general reader

As talking of physics: Should physicists abandon the hope for first principles that explain everything? The author of this post suggest physicists should take seriously that they cannot explain why the physics in our universe is exactly as it is.

Physics and the search for fundamental laws: Is physics turning into biology?

Thcmb_timeline300_no_wmapere is a theory of gravity that does not take gravity as a fundamental force but as a emerging epiphenomenon. Verlinde’s new theory passed now the first test. The advantage of the theory: no crazy Dark Matter needed to explain gravity.

Verlinde’s new theory of gravity passes first test

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