Nobel Prize for Philosophers?

If there would be a Nobel Prize for Philosophers who would get it? That is the question Brian Leiter asked on his blog. The cause of this fancy poll is the just to Charles Taylor awarded Berggruen Prize, which is worth 1 million $. Leiter critisized the choice of Charles Taylor and I can totally understand it.

Now he has startet a poll where you can vote for your favorite philosopher. Up until now Saul Kripke is the number 1. Not a bad choice I think.

Get here to the poll of Brian Leiter.

My number 1 was Daniel Dennett. Even though there are other great names on the list like Kripke, Fodor, Searle etc. Dennett is just a great philosopher in two ways: First, he is aware of  the problems of academic philosophy. Second, he knows not only how to bring forward professional arguments for professional philosophers. He also knows how to bring forward arguments in the public without being a dilletant.

Who is your number 1?

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