You want some readings?

The sociologist Patrick Baert wrote a paper about how the role and the perception of the philosopher in the public changed. That is a very good read for every philosopher who not just wants to handle academic puzzles but also real problems of our today society.

The Philosopher as Public Intellectual

The American Philosophical Association published a new guide for philosophers that search employment outside of academia. They write on their page:

Beyond Academia is intended to provide guidance in the form of resources, information, and advice to philosophers who are interested in exploring a wide range of professions outside of academia. It includes links to resources for non-academic career opportunities; data on non-academic careers, including new academic placement data and analysis; and biographical essays of philosophers who have successfully found ways to use their philosophical training outside of academia.

Beyond Academia: Professional Opportunities for Philosophers

And a some what older read: Carlo Rovelli explains that science is not about certainty. Science is all about fallibilism. Especially interesting is the contrast to religion he points out. Whereas the religion is stating certainties science teaches us that we can never be completely certain.

Science Is Not About Certainty

Have fun reading!


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