Reading Suggestions: No Man’s Sky, Animals and Philip Kitcher

Peter Suderman wrote a great article about the videogame No Man’s Sky. That is how media journalism should be. Not just stating facts of the game and rate them but put them in the context of our social, scientific and ideological world.

No Man’s Sky is an existential crisis simulator disguised as a space exploration game

Alva Noë reviews Jane C. Desmond‘s “Displaying Death and Animating Life. Human-Animal Relations in Art, Science, and Everyday Life”. Why do we love some animals more than others? How do we relate to animals and why do we seldom see the consequences that our behaviour has? Sounds like a really good read.

Why Do We Love Some Animals But Eat Others?

A little intelectual biography of Philip Kitcher by Mark Couch and Jessica Pfeiffer. I think the most interesting philosophers are the ones that engage in different topics and intervene in public discussions. Philosophy should not be stuck in the philosophical institutions in universities. Philip Kitcher is a great example of a great allround philosopher.

Against narrowness in philosophy

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