The Science of Consciousness and Non-phyiscalist views of consciousness

I found two playlists of some recent conferences on consciousness. One is the The Science of Consciousness Conference 2016. There are some hours of presentations and panels on the state of the art theories of consciousness. You can see a good deal of empirical data and philosophical arguments. It is always interesting for me to see how scientists tackle such problems as consciousness, which seemed to be philosophical problems. I just watched the first video about the global workspace theory of consciousness and I must say that strengthens my conviction that we will have someday a totally materialist theory of consciousness.

The second one is the playlist of the Non-phisicalist Views of Consciousness Conference at Cambridge. Personally I think there is no way of a non-physicalist theory of anything (even so, it does not have to be reductive phsyicalism), it is interesting to see some arguments that a naturalist in the philosophy of mind has to face.

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