Podcast: Informal Hour by J.J. Chipchase


This one is for all the friends of podcasts. Podcasts are an excellent way to spend some time in trains or longer drives. It is a great way to get into your favorite subjects like philosophy or whatever while you cannot read a book or a paper. Also it helps popularize philosophy and get a feeling how to break down technical topics for non-philosophers. The one I want recommend in this post is the Informal Hour by J.J. Chipchase. It is great because it features some of the most important philosophers of our time and some of the hot topics that are discussed in the philosophical community. The last episode is called “Ontic Structural Realism and the Philosophy of Physics with Stephen French”. The topic of structural realism is one I got into just lately and I think it is an interesting idea with a good deal of philosophical puzzles still to solve.

There are also topics like Eliminativism, personal identity, moral philosophy and many more by philosophers like Alex Rosenberg, Scott Soames and Guy Longworth. I love the internet, especially the philosophical opportunities, because you can get information from philosophers all over the world and not just by reading their books.

You can find the RSS feed here.


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