Collections of people with online papers by David Chalmers

David Chalmers not only has a big collection of philosophical jokes but also a huge collection of links to people with online philosophy papers. And by huge I mean huge. I think you can read nearly a whole life if you try to read all the papers that can be find by this list. (It takes half a life to even s16211286856_d33692e6fb_zcroll to the bottom of the list.) It is a good source to find papers about a specific field or by a particular philosopher. The golden age of the internet is a blessing and a curse at the same time. You can find more free accesible information than in any time before. But at the same time you can get caught in the net and literally forget you basic needs. (Like eating, sleeping or writing papers on your own.)

Have fun with all this Philosophy!

David Chalmers list of people with online philosophy papers

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