Open Access Philosophy Journals

The blog Feminist Philosophers just published a list with open access Philosophy Journals. The subjects range from the history of analytical philosophy to pragmatism and philosophy of law.

It is a great ressource to find some inspiring articles for the fields in that you may work. You can find the list here:

Open Access Philosophy Journals

Because that is the first post in the new year I wish every reader all the best. Here is some quote I stumbled upon and that will be the motto of my year 2016:

  Philosophy, like piloting, is mostly about figuring out where you are. The basic principle of both is much the same: Find an object whose position is known and locate yourself with respect to it. Typically, in both cases, the object in question is somewhere that you do not wish to be: On a rock, on a shoal, at the edge of the channel, or half a mile inland from the shore. So the trick is to get close enough to recognize the thing and to figure out what it means, but not so close that it swallows you up. Thus Aristotle with respect to Plato, Kant with respect to Hume, Descartes with respect to Newton, and me with repsect to many a bell buoy on many a summer Sunday afternoon.

-Jerry Fodor in the Preface to In Critical Condition

So I wish you all a good flight!

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